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2I have a question My eyes are almost black is that rare? because I have dark brown eyes like very close to blackIt sucks, she apologized, she explained all of the issues fully with the products, she is refunding everyone and sending them corrected products What else can she do? I’m sure she’s worked hard on getting these products where she wanted them to be but unfortunately all of these issues sound like they were the labs fault, not hers She’s still taking responsibility and correcting the mistakes I think everyone’s being a tad harsh on her Let her fix it, chill out929
3Don't be sad that's its over just happy it happened- quoted from Stacy diversity epAs an Army saying I'm proud is an understatement💜They are so so humble and hardworking they deserve it💜12
4She couldve also gotten inspiration from David Bowie because if you look up his eyes, his pupils were never the same size one was always bigger than the other so she could possibly be editing them to be like his to make it more believable?I wake up at 4am everyday for work 😂😂 honestly I fall asleep on the couch at like 7 sometimes it’s a struggle especially after the weekend But good on you! I enjoyed the video!!715
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Osm song Bro and lovely bgm ur all Songs awesome Congratulations, AB for winning this year's Open Mouth Insert Foot Award You know they’re gonna hit the gold when a judge looks down. I love cooper and baby otter and you guys so much Did you see project Zorgo member on tv 4:06 I liked subsribed and turned on post notifications. Asian head in pussy The Gigi Hadid tweet at 5:03 (and shit like it) always fucks me off because (a) it's very "not like other girls" but also (b) because she's a thin woman she won't get people pretending to care about her health, when eating 3 fuckin breakfast burritos is obviously really bad All a fat woman needs to do is breathe or post of picture of themselves for them to get swarmed by freaks who don't even have any science GCSEs who say that existing as a fat person promotes death but they don't have shit to say about shit like smoking lmao That orange cat is mine it jumped out of a moving tire and I never seen it again I just lost it 1 day ago 😭😭😭😭😭😭 if u have it please tell me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sad part is I know these niggas 🤦🏾‍♂️. Prompt 2Chapter 1: birthChapter 2: poops for the first time and auntie throws a partyChapter 3: burns hand in popcorn machineChapter 4: acts more stupidChapter 5: gets the living thing downChapter 6: Shane Dawson posted!Chapter 7: is happyChapter 8: where's chapter seven?Chapter: rethinking life Bhai bas iska hi wait kar RHA tha roasting ka baap Official Indian roaster Ajay bhai rocks #carrywon. Kylie is honestly so cuteI love her without the fillers too Your argument is unconvincing Your battery law is absurd She had every option to leave She also intended to cause harm No sensible judge would accept the reasoning presented in this video. Great advice Think I'll avoid going to China though, lol Project zorgo think they’re strong but they are going down they’ll never going to take down YouTube we will defend it all of the youtubers are a team to take you down like who agrees
One mistake, u can have a 4 digit number in the end and it be correct. Some girl: Can we also give a moment to asian representation in entertainment?PewDiePie: Showing Logan Paul in suicide forest Ain't heard nothing new that hit this hard I'm trapped Chomsky said Bolsonaro is a threat? Good, Bolsonaro has put fear into the right idiot I bet he´s mumbling his usual lefty bullshit right now.