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The look like they dressing up for Halloween I THINK SHE WOULD LOVE THIS REMIX https://wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=4qjVxneOSSI If they managed to stabilize the iPhone 6 then why on earth did they not invest in a stable material for this beautiful device ?. This is what I have been thinking!Like, why are there many differences in the prayer? Why even my family always tell me to do a specific thing in the salah, which I think not really a big deal? I was almost lost, thinking that there is no absolute truthThen I realised when you said “all came from the roots, eventhough the fruits (result) are all in different shapes”So as long as we are focusing on our deen and our iman in Allah, everything would be fine There will be differences and disagreements, but don’t let it split the Muslim and create fractionsAllah knows best Subhanallah, may Allah bless us all and you Ustadh I'm so happy I knew what standard deviation was in the video Guys let's help txt get their first win Stream and buy crown onMelon, genie, naverYoutubeItunesSpotfiy Uuuu ur on mEh LIST#1 - BTS#2- *TXT*#3- BlackPink And more Sex swapping stories. I want to have a cute dog and do this so bad 😂😭 Hello person scrolling through the comments just whant to sayyour beutyful and dont change now back to the video☺💖 I know ur making evewybody dumb but i still wove u without ur vids im so bowed :' ) I love all the outfits but still why why why would you say that she does not look cute every single day she looks perfect. I knew the huge ice cream bowl was gonna be first I feel like the polar bear who wears clothes needs a partner in crime Dont start faking videos Rug, this one was obvious Daniel Howell and Eugene giving me life😁🥳💛 So proud of them both❤️. Your amazing and we’re so proud of you Eugene ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈 Yes beard! Making us Englanders proud! Spot on with the pancakes 👌🏻 quality video as usual geez! Keep it uuurrrpp. Vancouver bc strippers Did anyone take in that English was probably NONE of their first languages yet they can have /participate in a full on middle ground episode in English ? I think that’s quite amazing *Boy sings*Me: ehhh*Bhad bhabie sings*Me: OMG IM GONNA DIEEEEEEE FNaF My favorite animatronic is Nightmare Foxy. IM A SEXXYYY JEFFOOOOO AND IM FROM CHINA AND IRELANDDD! La pechuga de pollo de la primera receta está cruda No me como eso ni locaaaa!!! Luv you ethan glad to see youre doing good. Sorry MrBeast Lmao I was in the middle of watching "Spending 24Hrs on a Mountain" 😂 This rewind got more likes then the actual rewind 😂 Yo wtf why not include xxx in the dead people section. Lets make it the most liked video of youtube