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When Mark helps you with a project for class Just wanna say thank you There laugh😑 It kills me with laughter🤣 Fascinating commentary I appreciate especially the inclusion of the biological element - shades of Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs and Steel This is, of course, an impossible exercise, but just for fun it would have been interesting to consider the interaction of the Roman versus Chinese Han tactics, military doctrine and organizational structure The Romans were very, very good at battlefield tactics, and the highly disciplined, professional Roman legionaries probably had a significant edge over their Han counterparts in melee On the other hand, the Han may have an advantage over the Romans in terms of cavalry and missile weapons Both the Romans and the Huns relied heavily on allied or mercenary troops, but it may be difficult finding enough sources to make a meaningful comparisonAlso, it is impossible to discuss Roman logistics without considering the role of the Mediterranean, or Mare Nostrum - our sea - as the Romans called it Rome did really well in expanding all around the Mediterranean They often got in trouble when they went far beyond their sea lines of communication - cf the battle of Teutonburgerwald against the Germans or Carrhae against the Parthians The Han had plenty of experience fighting against central Asian peoples - beginning with the Xiongnu, who they defeated, while the Romans lost multiple times against the Huns until with the help of their Germani allies they defeated or at least brought to a stand still the forces of Attila at the battle of ChalonsFun video Thanks!. 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Now I really wanna go and play Minecraft for the first time in so much time! Wait its better than X3 but what about XMen Apocalypse? I really hope it's better than that. 50:22 a LEGISLATOR that cannot follow simple reasoning, cutting in and already deciding that he "wasn't going to let her go" when he was telling her he WAS letting her go but argued with him on that so he gave her the speeding ticket as she seemed to want it more than the zero point seatbelt ticket people are idiots Self lickers clit. I loved being a marine until my pussy ass sgt kicked me out for weed when I told him before any drug test that I smoked some weed by mistake cause a idiot put weed in a blackNmild and acted like he didnt cause wait he was trying to fuck my fiance which the bitch didnt let me till I was leaving her ass I was like why you didn't tell me this!!!! She was glad I was out anyway but my life sucks cause of it Nice translationMy dog barks, I think she wants to say "I love you". Candace cameron breasts nude I don't know why but I think Jack Dorsey bangs Vijaya Gadde. Dear Jay Kim, first and foremost, I really admired how you talked to your mother about possibly converting to Islam There were no shouting or tears, it was a calm and civilised conversation between a concern mother for her beloved son Sometimes I can be impatient with my own parents and to see you conversing with your mother patiently is admirable and reminded me of a hadith that I recently read And I understand your mother's fear about Islam, as the faith is not widely known in Korea and sadly, what they know about Islam is largely from the news media People tend to stay away and fear the unknown Perhaps, you can slowly introduce your mother to the Muslim community in Korea, your Muslim friends, compare the Quran and the Bible, talked about how Islam teaches you to treat your parents well, even if you don't share the same faith Reassure your mother that your relationship with your family will become even better, because that's what the Quran teaches us As a Muslim myself, I am constantly learning about the religion that I was born into and to see someone who is contemplating to be a Muslim revert is beautiful and inspiring What I've come to learn is that, if you believe there is only one Allah swt, and that the Prophet Muhammad is his messenger, then that means you are already a Muslim All you need to do Well I think you know what's the next step is 😊Lastly, this is the hadith that I was reminded of while watching your video;Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:A person came to Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) and asked, "Who among people is most deserving of my fine treatment?" He (ﷺ) said, "Your mother" He again asked, ''Who next?" "Your mother", the Prophet (ﷺ) replied again He asked, "Who next?" He (the Prophet (ﷺ)) said again, "Your mother" He again asked, "Then who?" Thereupon he (ﷺ) said," Then your father"P/s I've been watching a lot of "Dawah is Easy" videos and it helped me understand the Bible and the Quran Aside from Zakir Naik's videos or Nouman Ali Khan's Hope this helps you! Happy Eid Mubarak! or as we Malaysian's like to say Selamat Hari Raya! ❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊IG: Sharifah_Nurzalikha She sucked me all night Me encanta este *ritmo* tanto que he *hecho una canción* del estilo puedes ir a verlo si quieres💖💖. The Vault collection comes to mind right now! THIS IS WHAT APOLOGY VIDEOS SHOULD BE AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO TAKE NOTES 2019 is bringing out the CleanQueen in Gabbie Books teen boys love. @1810 that was so British slang, fucking hilarious to read Paracetamol you take for headaches ect and Emmerdale is a long running UK soap opera that was based around a rural farming community, haven't seen it in decades Why did the Kdice have a dice head This video is blocked in the entirety of Sweden They really must not want the people to think for themselves Critizing feminism, much less Annie Lööf is in every practical sense of the word taboo here in Sweden. My vacation starts in june 7 IM EXITED but sad bc ill miss my bf and bffs and theachers :( Cum on tits photos sugar mummy dating in nigeria The doors are locked cause the Haeckel unlock it when it go out if you know I like your video share with Matt see one Calder everyone of you into Lucas and Marcus there a Joby brothers if you know that day I wish you can call them to be your assistant OMG ADI SHE IS JUST SAYING THAT SO THE CATFISH RELEASES THAT SHE IS TAKEN!!! Anyone noticed that in flashback scenes, only red color is highlighted. The amount of times James gagged in this😂😂🤢😷 We need a try guys bon appetite crossover And I'm here, painting a Jeffree Star doll :D Love you both guys! You earned the success so much ❤️ #sistersupport Love this video!! Also I want some salmon. Alabama voted Republican Women can easily changed this by voting Democratic, but they didn't
I have never played paper mario 64 I have never watched someone play it past the prologue I am still watching this entire video What is wrong with me The Left is full of idiots!!! Trump took bumpstocks with the help of the NRA These idiot want guns gone Your cats are very beautiful! I have always wanted to have a Bobcat in the house You can really tell they are loved, they just look happy :) You have a right to dislike things You have a right to insult things You don’t have a right to touch or repeatedly harass people and other people have a right to think you’re a cunt if your views aren’t very nice It’s really simple stuff That’s what freedom of speech is Freedom of expression and ideas, some ideas will be shit but believe me, it’s much better to know a persons thoughts than for them to be hidden especially when it’s the dark stuff. Hard sex tube movie MEIN GOTT, MEGA SNACC TIME FOR COMRADE KAT Light vaginal bleeding for 5 days 1-green weeds2-flex seal tape3-orange and pink colour fish We need a death battle of wiz vs boomstick. When Will Smith said Fortnite I sold all the film's he has been in Tranny porn using debit card. Everyone that reads this comment I just want to say when you have a dog always just always train him bond with him as a best friend in souls united in one never NEVER leave your best friend dog alone or scared because he/she knows that you will always be with them even if there far away you both have a strong and powerful bond souls of love rest in better place old friend ♠️ 🙏🙏💗💗💗💕💕(always remember him in here 💗 bro) Ajajajskajsjksj k mierda fue esooooo me encantoooooooooooo. 6:02 we have to wait for it to *_yeet up_* Honey Bees are not native to the USA so that causes problems. Congratumilations you made number 1 on trending! Alguien mas siente que se perdio muchq mota?:( Guys can someone please tell me I don’t know if what happened but me and my mate kept going in this sequence when we first tried acid and we could hear eachother what we was thinking i definitely think we wasn’t talking out loud a there was other people has this happened to anyone else Imma be runnin like "Oouuwhereshould-Iteleporthere or a" *seizure*. Behemoth is a gentle giant and adorable They better bring back Gidorah later cause that design was awesome Boobs lactation sex guy drink
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