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Nobody else realise that the "secret room" at the beginning was actually the room that Shane and his Squad stayed in Like the sofa/couch was there whenever Shane and Andrew slid the doors back ليه تقط الوردة وتكول ما تستحي عليها ياخي ليههههههه I did the math and for every day that dead meat existed for AKA 2 years he gets around 3,480 subs a day so yeah. Much love from iraq ❤️U are always welcome here For a second I thought the title said "Meet The Morons" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. This Mansion: 88,000,0004,400,000 Sets of the shrek trilogy: 88,000,000The choice is yours Birds eye view of boobs Oof imagine Billie having to cry that stuff. Ftv bikini Get rid of the bomb( iiham Oman) kick her out of america. That does not look like the rz twin the hair is lighter then it was before I'm a cancer And this the 2nd video I watched with cancer in number 1 as the most dangerous zodiac sign I love this so much 💛 my two favorite people collaborating! Tiny nitpick, I feel like the line "as lazy as that is" undermines Vaggie's statements about Alastor It all looks really good though Big martin if morgz didnt win i would want u to win. USA (DEFEATED THAILAND) CREATED A RECORD 13-0 Asian biotype Look at ethans eyes in the car holy shitttt The thumbnail gives peoples attention to this sassy girls😑No offense cuz i dont even like kpop To quote Robert Burns; "O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!" Thank you for your kind words! Always love hosting our American friends!. I love you, you’re so amazing at making people laugh i swear your personality SLAAAAAAAAAAYS my life Just one question: where can I find cooked food in Japan? Sorry but I don't eat raw. Poki no lie but you were right all along! ( It's 2099 ) It’s not a meme cause the audio was weird, it’s a meme cause you fucking suck at singing
I think it's also a requirement for flat earthers to also believe global warming is a hoax because if Antarctica melts all of earths water will drain off the edge lol She could win if she could find her reservation David: mid sentence Alesha: arrrr forget this (presses golden buzzer) I hope no one has already done this. Omg i luv thiz song soooo much :0 brings me back to soph year of hi skoo ;) Clarissa Dickson Wright who was the daughter of the royal doctor who looked after Edward VIII said in her autobiography that Wallis captured the King by her sexual trick of putting cocaine on the end of his thingyI wonder if Wallis Mark 2 used some tricks to land Harry. 73 questions with TOM HOLLAND please I’m begging you This is the cover that I love the most, I love your voice a lot, I need the full version of this song 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 It’s no one of the girls they were chasing project zorgo Overthumbs sex ed Looking forward to season 2 this series is amazing. This is how many times infinite said wow👇 That book is like the cutest book I have ever seen I wish I can draw like that Its 2:30 here but i cant stop myself watching your vids Amit Bhai ye song mujhe itna motivate karta hai aur jab bhi kisi cheez ki tension hoti hai toh ise sunkar bohot motivation milta hai. Bahi roz sunta hun motivational video hai ye, life mein aage Jane mein bhut help hogi thanks amit bhai😊luv u bhai Man Karta H , Song Sunta hee Jaau or Comments Karta Hee Jaau Love You Amit Bhai aapse milne ka Man karta H ❤🙏 No because there fake and dove wants to only get close to zach and alissa is trying to get close to drake 1:45 quin is back and we know (think) its not older quin bc she doesn't have gray in her hair Soon BobsAndVeganas will takeover your channel PewDiePie Keep on clapping 🌚 Warning from an Indian. Hi lo strip poker You make my day when i watch your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 like= 1 prayer for Preston and Brianna Your kitten is so adorable can you name him Derek? And my username in Roblox is “ItsLuciPlayz” Waste of time and money on song on top of Model Sucks
Has he done a video about what to do when laughter is your default to awkwardness?. First comment on a Scatt video, Awesome Baby The airpods are cool but where are the waves 80s tgp. Mate you should do really long vids love the vids though I am waiting for your reaction finally🤗😍 Haha it was adorable to see how excited you were throughout this process 💗 So happy for you. I love more taehyung without abs 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍i love his tummy chubby ughh so damn taehyung You have chosen to marry Blah Blah (I forgot the name 😋) to marry at the church and take her to “Manila, Philippines” 🇵🇭 for your honey moonME: PHILIPPINES!!!!! THANK YOU JAY!!!!! 😊😊😊 Edit: Oh if you’re wondering why I’m like this You already know 😁😏😉. It's like he only makes vids because of the sponsors John parker suck. The only good part of YouTube rewind was that animators were featured otherwise it was really bad Einstein comic strip The women everywhere is like that one vine with all the little plastic men in the fridge lol. Oh my worrrrrddddddd😭❤️this is Travis Scott’s year His music? his visuals? ALWAYS on point🤤 Girl see-through top fuck The second round grace got the same colours as stephen on the first round Teen challenge - minnesota Was nick on heart doing the ring of fire?. People watch whne eddies on to hear him talk about crazy shit, why then does rogan change the subject when ever crazy shit starts to come up weaksace Alex can get banned for shitting on a person in an argument, but Kathy griffin can literally call for the names of children to be leaked to the public for malicious reasons and gets nothing You are dumb I love cats your making me cry. But then you realise you would have to use like 30 earths to make just the frame and not even the solar panel things It’s Martin because he was wearing a black hoodie but it’s good enough Einstein comic strip Jesus 😂😂😂😂 to bad i was not found 😂I have 23 subs its not even posible 😂And now im gonna subscribe to jesus 😂 This what my meat feels like whenever my parents left the house. I was born an ugly Male I wish to transition as handsome Male and wish people to see me that way
Greek Sex Defined bendillo sex offenderFROM THE SAME PEOPLE THAT TELL US THAT WE EVOLVED FROM APES ONLY THE FOOLED FOOLS BELIEVE THEIR "SCIENCE"I HAVE NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT FOR THESE GOD HIDERS Average japanese penis length This man puts a bad image to the united states. If you didn't catch Angelina kidjo "we we" song here you were born yesterday So basically the LA drinking water is now full of micro plastic which people drink Busty heel high indian jayde Your telling meHE NEVER NAMED A CAT HE HAD FOR THAT LONG WTF HES SO CUTE SO I FORGIVE HIM. Karthi udy face cut illle anik thoniyathu but super ayitt und ☺🎈 It took me 3 hour to come watch this video because I was watching your other videos Thanos keeps makeing bot accounts to dislike the video In a 10:20 video not exactly 10 minutes 😏 Girlfriend reveal? She's not an object to show off!Just kidding I don't care. Omg!i have dat lama!YAAAAAASWaitwheres mine?WAAAAAAA HE RAN AWAY TO BE ON YTBenji is cute They do the remakes because they know it doesn't have to be good, but people who liked the original show would just buy the new one anyway to watch it Puzzle nude women you are not connected to matchmaking servers cs go Foot fist fettish James, you are so talented and so creative! That’s it ok bye. Thank you so much for creating the amazing atmosphere here and congrats on the success of the palette! ( sold out before i could get one qq) Sex swapping stories two's company dating site login. Olivia munn hot naked What if you make a video that is just a normal day of ari? That’ll be Interesting ~w~ Капец,это видео оч быстро набрало просмотров How DAAAARE you insult Sweden I will get my jetpack, fly to your home BE AFRAID I shouldn't be crying this hardbut i am Jungkook is a baby ❤. Dont see why the chick in the cement was tripping soo much dude next to her was calm lol Im taking tagalog?!they learn tagalogs too?!OMYGAHHHD IF YESSSSSSS If infinity ward want to add an OPTION to allow users to change the the script to more R rated and not RRR rated, im okay with that (Think MW2, No Russian, you can skip it)Thumbs up if you support Infinity Ward giving people the CHOICE to view their original vision, or censor the story for themselves because they can't back the content in full (maybe they have some PTSD that is triggered by certain content that can be simply altered) Did Did Darkseid just decide block Thanos's punch WITH HIS FACE??!!? It must be the absolute greatest strategy ever I like how this battle ended Just one question though: Would it change anything if Thanos had the Heart of the Universe?(I'm asking because I really don't know the answer). Santa still manages to piss Darksied off Santa always manage to make it pass the defenses and deliver coal
0Eats raw eggMy cooking teacher- Am I a joke to you?I keep wondering if every single creator that made YouTube huge, and has been screwed over by the new policies could ever get their heads and money together to create a parallel platform, a NoUbe of sorts, with the old rules, before the time SJWs took control and ruined everything 1/10th of people would be on this site today if not for Pewds, FilthyFrank, MaxMofoe(?) iDubbzTV, and so, so many more that now have basically stopped making videos because the content they loved making, and we loved watching isn't profitable anymoreI guess it'd be easier if Google didn't own the ads service as well of this rotten platfornI disliked it right now after 2 monthsThis was the best video i have ever seen youtube lifeHey guys the circus is in town Worst rewind ever
1Wait you love Lil Peep too Alex?( i only know this because i looked at his mudic playlist lol- sorry sounds a bhit creepy :/ )When u get a bee land on ur leg and u are so still and everyone thinks ur incredibly calm but really ur internally screaming with all ur fear100The end of the world is not a myth The world comes to an end every day, somebody just died 5 minutes ago If you are waiting for the whole world to come to an end for everybody at once, then you don't have an understanding of the end of the world486
2Do a eating sauce for 24 hours challenge plz and u can ONLY EAT THE SAUCEFaml guy sex658Holiday cock gay32
3Naked forced outdoor thumbsI can see why you have nearly 1 mil subs! You clearly work very hard on your videos, and its paying off, I love the content as well, keep it up!507Nene everything is on point luv it & ur energy536
4Lockett g ay porn star"Dont attack the pokemon staff members"90% : yeah sure9% : im gona make memes about this1% : "FuCk YoU iM gOnNa ThRoW sHiT aNyWaYs!!1!"210Sadly, this has been happening in America for decades Falsifying police reports and harassing minorities is as American as apple pie441
5I love the band all of them have amazing energy first theory When they talk about their horns they relate to the wings of BTS and ask if they also feel the pain it is to be viewed as the “devil” and txt explains that they love it as they say in the chorus You can really tell in the rap part they are kinda asking BTS is it normal to find light when you are a devil BTS is basically their salvation it seems like it kinda like an older brother that saved them from loneliness If you watch their MV their is an intro that explains it Either way I already love the band and I’m not trying to compare them to BTSDidn’t know the MV would be THIS good💜💜💜it’s so cute and matches perfectly with the theme they were going forBigHit we’re ready for more songs from these guysI’m stanning TxT for sure ✌🏼💜💜💜183When grace looked under the pillow the tv open and it was the ledar of project zorgo picture and it says pz1 is142
The baby narwhal would be Santa because he drinks milk and eats cookies, so I tried to get ur palette and brush set but i couldnt get them in time!! Hustler gentelmans club las vegas. Black cats are so beautiful and dignified Einstein comic strip sugar mummy dating in nigeria What are the odds he plays this as he walks into congress for the next state of the union like a WWE introduction?. If I quit YouTube, I will be a movie star Its disturbing to see how people will take any joke so seriously made by a non Indian (pewds) Its fun to see Carry responding to it by making a joke of him but several people thinks that he has some hate for India Its not true, Calm down I'm only talking about pewds not the other guy I know that is comment will also be mistaken by some people "I got breast augmentation To ENHANCE my boobs" - The "Trans Man" Puzzle nude women. 58:00 to 59:00 how a normal person like me or Jamie thinks vs how a journalist should think Very interesting Understand both sides Step 1: be yourselfStep 2: play hard to getlol Best brazilian bikini wax dallas tx. Game master was in the vedio when you were doing the tik tok Love Love Love this song, the bog gives me life Elliot gives her patient an orgasm. PREVIOUS TARGET:NINJA ROASTEDNEXT TARGET:LETS ROAST ALL THE YOUTUBE HEHEHEHHE Colin farell xxx I was technically first a hour later on a pewdiepie video Cop: "the camera does save us" no, not at all You look like a complete fucking idiot. To be honest His stupidity, does have me feeling sorry for me