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5:33 I get that the kid is still talking about serious stuff but I fucking died from the other kermit Ur pritty ignore what others say and be ur self and don't juge a book by its cover 🤗😉😶 This was less than 62 years ago Meaning *currently* there are COUNTLESS cops, judges, and politicians who were raised by people who shared the "we're better than blacks" mentality #ThisIsAmerica Homestyle big cock amatures. Prince to me is alittle bended He swings both ways, but I think he likes boys more For a straight guy he's very feminine New viewers hmm they don't suggest vids they let the person pick I think? He deff just broke his hand slapping her ass While I get what john steward is trying to do, Its been almost 20 years since the 9/11 attacks If by some miracle a family hasn't managed to recover financially there s something wrong/shady going on there Tranny porn using debit card. I'll like to win But goodluck for the others :)My Username on Roblox Is: tinyjanine21 Today they believe the earth is flat- in a few years they will begin to believe the moon is triangular I love that wig and the look you created My 3 yo daughter loves you hair color line She had bright blonde hair so wr let her choose colors to put in her hair @bigelowae You may live in a society but me? Me? I live in a video game Why not just have them both duke it out in BBTAG and call it a day?. It is sooo easy to say hot dog 79 was in creative so i vote for unspeakable Wow nct member must've watch this, they used to watch a lot of yt videos i guess they watch this also As soon as you start gesticulating and swearing "I'm not gay bro, I'm seriously not gay bro!" you've lost credibility with me--someone who used to internally act like that Well, either that or you're just an asshat Derek: cAn I jUmP iN hErE fOr A sEcOnD?Me: 😑.
Birds eye view of boobs I think you should be careful god hopes you stop project zorgoProject zorgo shsould not do this, be careful🙏🙏🙏 So this is basically just a really high subscriber special for 23 million right? This song makes me want to FUCK WHO USE THE FKIN "this song makes me want to" phrase. It is sad to see our beloved former, late, president whom we served under in our youthful years behind ballistic armor protection Today, it stresses me out because stress is the only emotion I can still feel Prostitute giving handjob My brother will love to know about that bug I am a part of these middle age women cause I love these videos!!!!. Heterophobe 😂😂😂😂 there is a lot of that out there Amina kodumun draveni biz olsak Allah falan dinlemez kafamıza fırlatır baltayı rivene baltayı Kılıç gibi kullanıyor 9:49, when the ants are more amusing than the building. Behind the scenes: Taco truck behind the corner Favorite part of the skit was when the demon doll (she like needs a name) was trying to open a portal again and you can just hear the scratching and shes like “why arent my fabulous nails opening a portal to hell??” No sprinkles!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲Psgood video keep up the good work😁👍👍👍👍👍💜💙 Porn dvds bestiality I love you @selenagomez ❤ here just for you queen. 1:54 The appas are from the roblox game “cursed islands” Great!!!! I love you 😍💜😘 vengan a México 🇲🇽🇲🇽💜💜😘 Y’all just did in the hotel Dam Corey you got moves 5:30 that was a duck called a loon It’s not a wolf lol it just makes a really loud sound sounding like a wolf it’s actually kinda a cool how a little duck can make that sound! (I’m Canadian so in grade 4 I learned about money and the looney wich is a one dollar coin in Canada has a loon on it The loon is Canada’s national bird) Ok the rest of the lesson is postponed until further notice. If you saw the game marter give a like to my comments at 4:43 Tony Stark dies in endgame, sorry not sorry💀 02:32 Y en ese momento, me enamoré de ONEUS 3/4ths done with the vid Wheres the other 1/4th?. The audio is awful, BUT The camera quality is still awful, look at that orange chair Tranny orgasm
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2Congrats on nearly 3m yay you’re the best7:15 I don't get it The politician bails out on the interview because he was cornered and it is the young guy who gets owned? what criteria are you using to decided who was burned?Sexy valentines englewood floridaUgh this collab is amazing I love the both of you!!!! Two very talented people :)It's horrific to think about how many of the attendees of these churches have closeted children My grandfather is a Baptist preacher, and preaches 'hate the sin, love the sinner' and I'm still petrified to come out I'm so thankful for channels like you and Mr Atheist coming to shut this down434
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