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0Kiaria and Morgz sitting in a tree K S S I N G first comes love then comes Marrige then comes a baby in a golden cart Next comes a uncle Then the babg drinking acole🍺Why did they remove all those teeth from the poor girl??
1Killed two of your friends then think “ let me make a song about it “ 😂😂I am sister shaking right now , i would love to have the because its always sold out 🖤💜
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4Black people act like there’s no black majority countries Africa has 54 countries and they’re to embarrassed to live in any of Them They don’t hate white People they envy white people White people are a minority in the world and not even “allowed” to be the majority in THEIR own countries Yes America is a white country No one would want to live in the United States before the Europeans colonized it into the greatest empire in existence Itd be teepees and pottery and that’s it1 -2 - Gestures(swipe up from bottom for home or hold for multitasking, swipe down from top right for control center, swipe down from top middle for notifications)3 - Face ID4 - Display(True Tone, Night Shift, Auto-Lock, Raise to Wake, Auto-Brightness)5 - Vibration - Sounds - Low Power Mode6 - Accessibility - Control Center7 - Camera and Video(4K 60 fps)
5This was really interesting I love that you included menstrual cups And the blue liquid!The titles lately on your videos have been very non-descriptive
6I get she should of just put her bag on her lap or something and she is acting stuck up but at the same time I think there are bigger things to moan about They’re all acting like idiots in my opinion 😂🤷🏻‍♀️Since the YouTube rewind has 14 million dislikes we should give pewdiepie 14 million likes
7How tf does the gabbieshow make it and you don’t? That’s a wasteI coughed so hard i almost threw up, thanks youtube, very cool
825 m likes15 m dislikes!!!!! Imperfectly balanced as all things shouldn't be!!!Tragic It needs everyone not just child friendly channels dude It's taken everything to seriously, rewind needs more humour for everyone Even shrek has more humour than this (for all age groups not just 1-12 years) come on dude it's got 15mil dislikes because the unrelevant people who no one knows and haven't changed anything about youtube get over hyped when there's youtubers out there changing life's And I'm sorry but wtf is up with will Smith? No offence as in I love the guy but seriously?!?
9LET’S GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANTThe most CRINGE’S, DISGRACEFUL and DISAPPOINTING video ever!!!!!! (I swear these are getting worse by the years!!)For years it was rumored OG Trejos' really did live that Gangsta life This Vlad TV interview series with Trejos proves it Vlad TV, Respect
10Orange juice is just dark yellow fruit sauceWhat if a ghost starts clapping your cheeks? Sam: then I'll just have to enjoy it
11Ya know what?Me in the morning: ill watch this a 1pmCurrent me: I said at 1pm its 3:00 amBulls are probably more dangerous than any animal ‘cause people keep riding them
12Article 13 is why the US should take over the world to keep the memesI'll be watching for the Rust-oleum Spray Paint It's never been in any of the DTs in my area Also, the 32 oz Clear and White Glues TFS
13I have always loved watch dogs i will love to get this one too3 years ago willow would have been 16 and August 23 Would be weird if they had been together
Go Kermit sewer slide because you are furry gaylord with the bigg autism. 303 - 04 sounds like Justin Timberlake's line from cry me a river It's a cool phone and allToo bad they got all the fame from copying the iPhone(s) and Macbook Pro4:55 Just look at the icons For mobile users: TIme Stamps:Mario - 0:09Donkey Kong - 0:36Link - 1:18Samus - 2:33Dark Samus - 3:06Yoshi - 4:04Kirby - 4:39Fox - 5:18Pikachu - 6:10Luigi - 7:02Ness - 7:36Captain Falcon - 8:27Jigglypuff - 9:09Peach - 9:44Daisy - 10:32Bowser - 11:28Ice Climbers - 12:04Sheik - 12:54Zelda - 13:42Dr Mario - 14:35Pichu - 15:05Falco - 15:52Marth - 16:34Lucina - 17:11Young Link - 17:55Ganondorf - 18:59Mewtwo - 20:01Roy - 20:50Chrom - 21:36Mr Game & Watch - 22:27Meta Knight - 23:05Pit - 23:35Dark Pit - 24:32Zero Suit Samus - 25:13Wario - 25:57Snake - 26:50Ike - 27:25Pokémon Trainer - 28:08Squirtle - 28:59Ivysaur - 29:37Charizard - 30:26Diddy Kong - 31:21Lucas - 32:06Sonic - 32:47King Dedede - 33:16Olimar - 33:45Lucario - 34:27ROB - 35:14Toon Link - 35:57Wolf - 36:41Villager - 37:34Mega Man - 38:05Female Wii Fit Trainer - 38:29Male Wii Fit Trainer - 39:05Rosalina & Luma - 39:36Little Mac - 40:15Greninja - 41:01Palutena - 41:43Pac-Man - 42:16Male Robin - 42:49Female Robin 43:32Shulk - 44:15Bowser Jr - 44:52Larry - 45:23Roy - 45:48Wendy - 46:14Iggy - 46:39Morton - 47:04Lemmy - 47:30Ludwig - 47:55Duck Hunt - 48:21Ryu - 48:52Ken - 49:38Cloud - 50:36Corrin - 51:14Bayonetta - 52:05Inkling Girl - 53:02Inkling Boy - 53:55Ridley - 54:49Simon - 56:13Richter - 57:22King K Rool - 58:48Isabelle - 59:30Incineroar - 1:00:20Mii Brawler - 1:01:25Mii Swordsman - 1:02:06Mii Gunner - 1:02:35. Eh This was not my favorite by Todrick Kind of 20 years ago Speaking for the people who couldn't or didn't want to complete the national sex for one reason or another this is a blessing, plus there are going to be over 900 pokemon right? So there is all the coding for that, plus all the pokdex entries for all those pokemon and the new ones, then the entries for the megas and putting them in the game, the the animations for the z-moves and pokemon mega evolving, and if everyone wants it to come out this year, they have to cut things from it Project zorgo more like project doo doo doo doo means poop Virgin moble cell phone service Comment on this video if your a fan of drama alert. Me————Gender: Girl Country: USA 🇺🇸 Favorite smash character(s): Pikachu, Isabelle In regards to Greninja, you said those countries were only exposed to Pokémon through the anime There's your answer Greninja has kinda a strong presence in X and Y, with Ash-Greninja as Ash's kinda-sorta-not really Mega Evolution Strong Females HAH! No such thing (SARCASM). I choose Megaman and I quote "Boys love super robots" Bonus points if you know the line So,heres the plan Watch boy with luv, but since we need to watch videos in between, watch this! This way we'll get 100mil for each group uwu A win for armytexties everywhere Photos teen supermodels. Im just waiting for an edit of this man playing the piano and a movie of an old western where there is a bar fight going on xD Great video!! In my opinion I think Batman begins is the best superhero origin movie And it’s my 3rd favorite Batman movie To answer your last question infinite, what happened to there foot is athletes foot, athletes foot is what happened to there foot PS I know that was incorrect grammar I honestly thought the confrontation was fake because theres no way Cody be looking as fresh as he was🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 At 4:06 the screen on the TV and there are simples. I’m the one who gets shy but since I’m still their friend I talk to them like normalANDNEVEREVERCONFESEMYUNDYINGLOVETOTHEMBECAUSEIMASISSYSOHNNNNGGGGI’m sad Can the milk and cookie narwhals make a baby that's an oreo? If Moriah loved her fans, she would pin this His life story would make an oscar winning movie. I had a IPhone 7 and I drop it in the pool and it wasn’t turn on 🤦🏼‍♀️🥴😬 Wtf this is a strict jail? My dads been in there like 10 times already I did not know this one was that bad😂 I long for those days of MMAFights, not athletic comps Nobody:literally nobody:not a single soul :Christian : everybody says i looks like Travis Scott
Free Clit Tube teen curfew consWhen I was maybe 5, I caught the baby mosquitos in our pool, and sold it as tadpoles on the street Only a dog came, and it drank the water full of mosquitos Well, I didn't have an interesting childhood. I've got to say this is my new favorite thing EVER ❤ This video proves that Pewdiepie just needs to get 17 million views to get 46 million likes while Youtube Rewind 2018 needs to get 152million views but still gets lesser likes than Pewdiepie As of writing this comment, Youtube Rewind 2018 has 24 million likes, lets get this at LEAST double that amount! Teaser matram Hollywood range 🔥🔥😎✌#jai Rebalisam 💪💪