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Braddicks Caravans Westward Ho moms teaching teens boys"Wow! whats wrong with this guy" love how that line was said, it got me to subscribe. Yeesssss welcome back Corpse Husband! Very glad that my favourite horror story narrator is back in the game :) You've been missed dearly! But that's just a theory a film THEORY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd CUT. We start laughing just looking at eachother i literally started crying i love them all soo much I cant play this horror without company The ambiance is just making me back out, I am literally shaking too much The episode of ''Hold the Door" in game of thrones has some weird time travel thing Where bran travel in the past and see how "HODOR" was born And then the three eyed raven was killed The way he was killed in the present reflected how he DISAPPEARED in the past And its the same way we see in the ''AVENGERS INFINITY WAR" where everyone disappeared 2:43 it’s not racist if anything he is saying he likes them, racism is degrading ppl because of their cultureNot that I like him, he oogly. OML you really have good fighting skills, you beat Danisa real good Cristine i dropped out of highschool but i got my ged right after and now im in college Is that good or bad? I like Jamie French She's a booty YouTuber And Primink for the weird underbelly of YT Ask a Mortician for all my mortuary needs Other booty channels I subscribe to are Jen Loves Reviews and Vianny Strick All thumbs up from me Those examples u used for Geniusreally not the best but at least it's something. This is not Marshmallow kind of music It should be in your music style Why there's a lot's of bad and rude comments for her????I love jojo siwa. PewDiePie smilesMakeing fun of depressed people? It makes me so happy that she has you You are both so lucky to have found each other ❤️ Im skeptical when people say sister them a word that doesn’t start with an s after sister. I love marvel more than an 8 year old my bad I'm so excited for this ❤ my Instagram is @dropdead_haley21I'm excited for Christmas because I'm getting my 3 year old some makeup We watch your videos together ❤ I WANT TO WIN THIS GIVEAWAY FOR CHRISTMAS UGH.
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