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I love Sam and all, but sometimes he pisses me off He just sometimes seems super forceful onto everyone in all of the exploring/scary videos, when you can tell everyone else is clearly uncomfortable "for the views/what the viewers want" can only go so far in my opinion Like I said at the beginning of this, I love him and the videos, I mean no ill will I was just curious if anyone else felt the same When KC started filming on his phone did no one else notice the orbs going crazy around it, it may also be dust but still Another one I believe passed Sam Ass sexy asses Cery naked sugar mummy dating in nigeria. Would you like to jump off a cliff to see if you can fly like a bird? 10:56 How have I ONLY just found this and it’s the 15th how just how I am ashamed of my self Teen age sex movies. Why in the f*** would you leave the truck door open and pull off with the bike Common Sense would have told you to put the bike on back of the truck and get the f*** on what kind of fuckary is this Looking after aspergers adult Porno cartoon movies. I get it but man this is just down right copying his stile this is exactly why Eminem diseased the rap community for or one of the reasons quote “these rapers are like hunger games” just it’s not original I think this is like more for privet DMS then making him text you Yep im a taurus that's definitely me even my whole family said so Characteristics of mature skin Steven sheriff you have to trust Chad and vy they have been and a lot of trouble
0:40 - you said HIS eyes are abnormally big? Look in the mirror!. Mature females who fuck I betted on the ice giant when he was fighting the tree giant and won lol Can anyone name a channel like this but with better script and narration please?. I have a whole throwback playlist with songs like these 😂😁 Brandon flowers and bruce springsteen thunder road So a foot fetish is somehow less acceptable than choking?For someone not even attractive with a troll chin and crooked ass face she sure has some high standardsDudes need to stop with the yellow fever, even got below avg asian females thinking they're God's gift to men Justina killed it all the time and at the same time DC Young Fly just kills me with the same jokes 🔥😂😂😂 Best hair removal for bikini lines. 40:00 lmao dude why is he so scary sounding when he's supposed to be the good guy or whatever hahahaha I'm literally dying he's so dramatic Omggggg my family from my dad’s side is also Moroccan I am so surprised that you’re Moroccan Please be careful or project zorgo will hack you Halfway through the video still haven't seen a reaction I remember watching this in elementary school on an imac 98 and wanting to have pink streeks in my hair like her!!!!. The fact that they NONCHALANTLY included dancers from various ethnicities without demanding credit for being INCLUSIVE is stan material I'm Chris Hanson No your not, yes I am,no your not,yes I am,your arrested no I'm not yes you are This title question is so stupid I almost didn’t watch the video at all but RAMMSTEIN You might of thought you were exposing but you made yours look whack as fuck for this video although I’ve never cared enough for you to subscribe I watched a few videos in the past but you whack as fuck period ! You could of just moved on but making this video you look fake !!!
I hate this so much like why use a 4 year old for clout when they should be doing regular 4 year old things. Wow yr ankh se ansu nikal gaye ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️always with you amit Michelle horn nude images Thank you for that DS1 was such a great scary experience It was very interesting listening to him talk about working on it Elizabeth sheu nude Who is this man who has so many unruly animals in his home?. Walking at nights in Shenzhen is safe, doing that in new york takes real courage Penis too big sex. Omggggggggg it's so relatingI face the same consequences 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Naked old adies you are not connected to matchmaking servers cs go All these flat earthers are just plain stupid
Gaten:”bigger”Millie & Noah:”BIGGER😂😂!!”Gaten:”you are four”That’s my favorite part out the entire thing😂😂😂 Omg is that you :O dang you look like TANOS. It was like watching my two selves : i'm an Aquarius with a Taurus moon, sh** i am complicated I think your videos have gotten better since the engagement 🥰You always do top notch videos Thanks for sharing! To be fair, most of why this movie's so forgettable is because its in between two avengers moviesit's still better than thor II and hulk though Sex swapping stories I wanna go to texas roadhouse now i havent been in like 3 years smh that place is gooood. Why does Jay’s friend look like Sloth from The Goonies I was like "Hey neat" then the rap starts Username: gabetheswede I want robux for bloxburg#PINKARMY. Daniel:ohhhh it's a box Me:ohhhh it's a trap Vintage bottling You are such an ideot people are ding on the streets because they couldn't even afford a proper meal or a house and you and buying gold bars for 40-50 THOUSAND AND SHREDDING IT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF !!!. INFINITE DID NOT BOTTLE FLIP FIRST TRY HE FIXED IT TO LOOK LIKE IT Why is james ALL WAYS TRENDING 100K COMMENTS
Lingerie stores in torrance two's company dating site login. On 2:15 like his name is paul tay what if he is related to lil tay xD Lol videogame people are the biggest cringe worthy losers I don’t find noah centimeter attractive i don’t get the hype around him 🤷‍♀️ There were a lot of things that were incorrect about India but thanks anyway👍👍✌😁. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US! WE ALMOST HAD SWEET VICTORY! WE NEED TO BOYCOTT THIS! THIS REPLACE SWEET VICTORY!. Pets are the best I had some that died and I miss them so much pls pray for me and my pets😭 WHEN SHE SAID GWEN AT 0:38 SHE SOUNDED LIKE HEATHER FROM TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND Sexy supergirl cosplay Free sex web blogs This is such a clown world we're living in 🤡 lolthey're pro-choice (death)we're pro-create (life)lul. I dont even wear makeup but i am HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT YES OTHER COLLAB, It soooooooo amazing, everyone in the animation community is so amazing and good ❤❤❤❤
Move from Egypt to Italy, get a woman to marry you, get citizenship through her, and a couple of decades later your son will sing Arab music in Italian at a Eurovision contestThis is how Europe is allowing Arabs and blacks to silently conquer it European cultures are dying This song is sung in Italian, but it has zero to do with Italian culture. Shut up i ll fuck you up Good for you but I thought intel was out in 2019 I don't know how i feel about this this was my absolute favorite game of all time, ever i always pictured a sort of ocarina of time look, because i felt the game was quite epicwhen i saw the beginning of the trailer, my heart starting beating fast i was hyperventilating i was like, omg omg omg no way no way this is not happeningI was so ready to splurge and buy a switch but then i watched the whole thing throughthis cartoony rendition doesn't do it justice :( There's someone in my class that loves there hair and never stops touching it. Virtual Riot, im going straight subscribe to your channel "Behavioral outcomes!"what's the outcome of people who are enslaved and oppressed ? Take 1 good guess Hellman's Lady!🤣🤣 ;-; WHERE DAT GIRL THO SO IMA SLaP hEr FoR DiSrEsPEcTinG THE SAMAURI BROTHERs AnD SISTERs
Japanese lesbian models. The carrot is a recorder not a flute SHOOK!!!! Tits on a rack Anthony i love you so much for these videos You really did change my views on many things and I’m grateful and I’m sure many others are too. I love Dairy and Donkeys Best roleplaying game ever Omg i'm so jealous of your daughter! Alaska is on my dream list❤ I never was one of them blessed kids, I was largely a nerd Still am by all accounts So I picked up a guitar and learned some skills I still wouldn't call myself a cool kid and that's ok, all that reading and learning gave me a way out: The guy who makes people think Because hardly nobody studies history it's kind of fun, still to this day I pose questions that make people think But I was loathed by most teachers because I was a thinker, I just didn't fall for the nonsense 20 years latter I still don't fall for that nonsense! Truth, reason and logic matter more over the long term My words matter and thus what I write, and how I write matters to I wont have to wear egg on my face when everything goes to crap, I done warned about it I don't have to apologize for not lowering myself to identity politics, I loath SJWs I am not an apologist for not being cool, or white for that matter No, one day this garbage will backfire, and while I might not be cool I have a feeling I'll be smart enough to get by without pretending to be a victim HOW DARE HE DISRESPECT OUR QUEEN disgusting honestly. Pz9 is Justin because he did not answer the last question Teen fish nets Love your sister palette so much 😭😭🥰🥰 but i can't buy it 😭😭 always out of stock 😭 love you 😘. Wait i’m confused how would he contact us on instagram if he’s picking comments from youtube? Hello sister !!! It would truly be a dream come true to win this giveaway, not just because I love you ! But because it would really be so much help so I can keep working towards my dream which is, YouTube, makeup and one day my own makeup line My whole life I’ve been searching for what I want to do in life and I finally found that And this would be a huge plus I really hope I win but even if I don’t I will keep pushing. Im not hungry, but im about to take my sleep meds and my antidepresants :) fun
Anyone else notice how large her closet was 🤔🤔🤔🤔 If 60 FPS is _SO GOOD,_Why isnt there a 60 FPS 2?. Local swingers galax virginia *Кто из этих троих назовите их по именам*. Mate x delayed: cautious no never was ready for june yes Free sister fucking sister Femspreading passenger refuses to move her purse from the seatACTUALLY HAPPENDOMG THANK YOU I NEVER GOT SOOO MUCH LIKES!!!! Задолбали уже!Вырубите коменнтарии пользователю TheBrainMaps!Напишите на Русском или на вашем (Английском) ДА ВООЩЕМ НА ЛЮБОМ! Почему ему отключили коменнтарииИ посмотрите его видео I liked the most where BTS came out But I still like the rewind. So bad i was expecting hype, only met misery Bsnude salma hayek All I can say is that Elon is South African since he was born here So him and Nelson Mandela is the faces of South Africa. ALSO CAN U GUYS DO THE GLASS SPIRIT CHALLENGE I HATE that you can still distantly hear the musicbox out of the cameras sometimes O-O GODDAMNIT MATPAT I’ve avoided spoilers for infinity war for MONTHS I’ve been waiting to watch it on netflix December 25 and now I know who dies Thanks a lot. Keep it up beasty I'm lovin the series 👍👍
Your twin was on your tv when you were reading the date on the floor 😳😰 Tests smoking : Nah Tests Vaping : To soft Tests weed : Yeahhhhh How about Escanor, the lion sin of pride ? When u too into a game OOH MY GOSH IM STUUCK. Everyone pause the video real quick and go subscribe to the “Jawn Slappers” Thank you for calling this out! Why would you want to wear something that advertises your struggles and issues? Why would you want to wear these as a fashion statement? WTF? I guess I could see myself maybe wearing something about surviving suicidal periods/attempts if it was purely for a non-profit supporting resources to save lives That's about it Porn fap members oasis online dating login Fat dude always saying something ain’t cooked I totally remember when I was doing hobbies, I always got hit with a soccer ball in the face Yup, definitely. Yes !! Welcome to the club ! I just saw it yesterday!! So im happy it wasnt spoiled for meYou now need the video games I haven't tried the Switch ones but i love the Nintendo ds games X- Y , Ruby - Sapphire, Sun -Moon The best and only way to truly experience Pokemon This is everything !!!!!! I love it so much Keep the hot beats coming Queen 👑❤ There lab diamonds man made kind of a diamond Ma tha musafir rahao ka tare tujhe tak tha mara daira 😢😢 Beaded necklaces asian inspired.
Teen being arrested I actually understand If you think about it, previous entries had Pokémon that where just sprites with limited animations in the future There for it was easy for them but now with CJI animation is hard to do for all these legendary creatures I completely understand-Alex ❤️. I don't understand what y'all want The dude spent most of his adult life fighting these cases Won FBI couldn't find nothing on him Investigations couldn't find nothing on him He went broke helping people He's dead Despite all this, y'all still wanna believe the worse about the man Bc, apparently, no one has ever lied for money Fuck the court of public opinion RIP Michael Daniel and chad at 7:08 i saw a pz member I think it's by the way you act to where they know what's happening #ikonik ,not a console player,a mobile player is that Ok Chapter 1: BabyChapter 2: Lil kidChapter 3: big kidChapter 4: teenChapter 5: 😉. Wait wait wait, in America if you don’t have insurance and you need a life saving operation you won’t get it? Who else is waiting for James to come out with a makeup company. This makes me salty because i actually got friend zoned She said I'm a "good friend to talk to" I can't be the only one who thinks that the conjuring movies are trash horror films that aren't scary at all? The garbage plots, the predictable characters, the ABSOLUTE horrible connections between movies, the "villains", and the notoriously badly used jump scares I despise it all -just friends -Just friend your fucking mother\>:v/ Natural things for cock groth I’ve listened to Avril for so long, I still love her so much, she’s so talented, and for those who think it’s her “Twin” because she’s “dead”, you guys say she’s changed, yeah no crap it’s been like 5 years since she’s been in the spotlight, so give her the love this talented girl deserves ♥️. I don’t know if I’m missing something but why is there so many Undertale references? Undertale came out three years ago In 24 h it has more likes than the original video Ligaments of the right breast and surround areas